Helpful Tips to Know before Boarding

Kountryside Kennel is committed to the safety and well-being of your pet and our employees. We DO NOT board dogs with aggressive behavior towards humans(call us for questions, this is conditional) or dogs under 5lbs(non negotionable, we dont have the facility for dogs this small).  To ensure the best possible experience for your dog, we recommend that you read through this section before leaving your pet with us. These helpful tips on vaccinations, dieting, medical needs, and other topics will allow us to perform our services better, as well as reinforce your peace of mind.

Vaccination Records

We request an up-to-date copy of your dog's vaccination record. In order to use our boarding services, your pet must have the following three vaccinations:
Rabies | Distemper (DHPP, DA2PP, DHLPP) | Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

We do reccomend that your dog has had their flea and tick before boarding with us, as we are located next to a couple farms and cannot ensure that your dog will not come home without them if they have not recieved flea and tick medications.

Dietary Requests

We ask that you please bring your own food as we are not selling our own dog food at this time but will update when we do so.

Bedding, Toys, and Accessories

Bedding, treats, and toys are accepted. In regards to bedding, all dogs are provided a basic cot. For the safety of your pet, those that chew will have the cot removed. Bedding is placed on the cot to minimize water absorption or soiling. We highly discourage expensive bedding or items that you would be upset if they were chewed up or soiled.

Medical Requests

If your dog is on medication or has special needs, please let us know. We are more than happy to accommodate most all medical requests.

Administrative Requirements

The first visit will require about an extra five minutes for paperwork. We appreciate your cooperation so that we have all the information we need to provide personalized care for your pet.

Tours Available

Your trust and confidence is important to us. Facility tours are available to all prospective clients. During the tour, we will discuss our accommodations and services, so you know exactly what we do for your pet while you are away. Please call to schedule a perfect date and time to tour with us. We do not do walk-in tours to ensure that you have both owners full attention and no disruptions. We do tours on the weekends after 3pm.